SYSTAT Vs. Minitab
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SYSTAT Vs. Minitab

SYSTAT and Minitab are useful for carrying out statistical analysis. Both have certain distinguishing features as aforementioned. SYSTAT is used mostly for statistical analysis by scientists and researchers, whereas, Minitab is mostly used by students and for quality control purposes. Due to lack in graphical features in Minitab, several individuals and organizations have found SYSTAT to be more useful.

SYSTAT and Minitab are statistical analysis software. As manually conducting statistical analysis and drawing graphs by hand can be subject to human error, statistical analysis computer applications have the advantage of being accurate, reliable and faster. Hence, both of these software are helpful in carrying out statistical analysis.

SYSTAT was developed in 1982, by Mr. Leland Wilkinson, who was professor at University of Illinois, Chicago. It was the first statistical analysis software to run on micro processor. It was a great success amongst the scientific community and researchers. The software was designed to aid researchers in carrying out statistical analysis, such as Cross Tabulation, Measures of Association, Regression, ANOVA, Time Series Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics and Multivariate Statistics. It also includes additional statistics capabilities as well. With such vast features being offered and an easy to use interface SYSTAT is surely outstanding statistical analysis software.

The latest version of SYSTAT, which is SYSTAT 13, contains a highly efficient Classification & Regression Tree algorithm. SYSTAT is highly accurate and the clear graphical displays in 2D as well as 3D help in understanding and analyzing the data efficiently. It is cost efficient and hassle free. The unique feature about SYSTAT is its psycho perceptual range of visualization methods. SYSTAT’s documentations are not only helpful in using the software but also teaches the basics as well, such as how to design good graphs, psychophysics of perception, visual illusions, graphic design, information overload and more. Overall, SYSTAT provides ease of learning, ease of use, documentation and help, excellent graphics and excellent vendor web support. Minitab Statistical Software was developed in 1972 by three statistics professors at Penn State University. The distinguishing feature about Minitab is that it is designed to aid professors in teaching Statistics. It is widely used by students to better understand statistical concepts by applying them accurately. Another field where Minitab is used extensively is Six Sigma, which is a quality improvement methodology. Several top companies and multinationals use Minitab. Quality control organizations also use Minitab as it is widely trusted and is reliable. Minitab has two unique graphical features, it has the option to display confidence intervals on sigma when carrying out homogeneity of variance tests and it also has heterogeneity of regression graphics display that accompanies its analysis of covariance procedures. However, Minitab does have some drawbacks. As useful and user friendly it may be it lacks on creative presentations, which means that the style of presentation of the commands in the programming mode is difficult to understand. Minitab is not useful for scientists who would want to conduct multivariate procedures or imaginative multivariate representations of data. Overall, Minitab is useful for scientists, who do straight forward graphical analysis of quality-control, time series, ANOVA, regression and factorial experimental designs. It is also used by students and professors on a wide scale as compared to SYSTAT.

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interesting reading.thanks

thank you for the comment Abdel.

Expert review!

Thank you Ann.

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Excellent article. Voted up

I use SPSS, currently version 19.0 as was required by my Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences class. I have heard of the two you mention. do they work as well for my purposes: behavioral science, as they do for other applications? Great review: voting up and buzzing.