Norton Antivirus Vs. Norton 360
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Norton Antivirus Vs. Norton 360

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Just because a software is in its' newest version, doesn't neccessarily mean that it's going to be the best version to have; or that it'll be the best bang for your buck.  In any case, however, it's been proven time and time again that Norton  360 may not be the best version of Norton to have.  It all depends on what system your running and how strong it is.  Either way, that isn't to say that Norton 360 won't work for you, it's merely a matter of making sure of a few things before-hand.  

#1 - Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is a top rated antivirus software that is a couple steps down from Nortow 360.  It allows the user to install the software onto as many as 3 PC's.  In comparison to the McAfee antivirus software its' got a much more popular name and more people will walk out of a consumer retail store with the Norton Antivirus Software.  In any case, it tends to be a better deal with regards to Norton 360.  It's relatively light weight on a PC and doesn't require a large amount of processor power.  In a day and age where light weight is the way to go, Norton Antivirus is the best option in comparison to Norton 360.