Microsoft Security Essentials Review
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Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft Security Essentials is latest and best software from microsoft company. It is very small and very easy to use and its interface is very user friendly.

 Best Antivirus All time : Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is a security suite designed for consumers and lacks centralized management features which are found in Microsoft Forefront Client Security. It includes the same anti-malware engine (dubbed "Microsoft Malware Protection Engine", or MSMPENG for short), and virus definitions that all other Microsoft desktop anti-malware products share, including Forefront Client Security, Windows Live OneCare, and Windows Defender.Before installation, Microsoft Security Essentials checks for the validity of the installed copy of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Security Essentials requires no registration or personal information.Microsoft Security Essentials disables Windows Defender, since Microsoft Security Essentials also provides protection against spyware and adware. 

Key Feature : Microsoft Security Essentials 

Rootkit Protection

Rootkits are a particularly difficult type of malware to protect against, andMicrosoft Security Essentials includes a number of new and improvedtechnologies to provide additional defense against rootkits and other aggressive threats. These technologies include the following:

  • Live kernel behavior monitoring. Technology acquired from Komoku Inc. for monitoring the integrity of kernel structures has been fully integrated into Microsoft Security Essentials. Telemetry and update requests are sent to the dynamic signature service whenever the computer’s kernel has been attacked or modified by a new rootkit that is not yet detected with traditional signatures. 
  • Improved anti-stealth functionality. Support for direct file system parsing (RootkitRevealer-style scanning) is included as part of the quick
  • and full scan actions with Microsoft Security Essentials, allowing for the identification and removal of malicious programs and drivers hidden from the file system by a rootkit.
  • Improved live rootkit removal. Microsoft Security Essentials dynamically loads a new kernel mode driver as part of the cleaning process so that it can take the aggressive actions required to successfully remove some of the more advanced rootkits.

Dynamic Signature Service

With the release of Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft is introducing Dynamic Signature Service, a new approach to providing the most up-to-date protection for the PC without having to wait for the next signature download. In addition to validating suspicious files against the set of signatures that are downloaded daily, Microsoft Security Essentials contains additional

technology to monitor for new and emerging malware and check for signature updates in near-real time.

A new class of heuristic signatures leverages Microsoft’s dynamic translation technology to emulate the behavior of a program before it runs. Microsoft Security Essentials uses these signatures to look for signs of suspicious behavior, characteristics that are similar to known malware and other abnormal operations, and then queries the Dynamic Signature Service to see if the program should be submitted for analysis or terminated.

False Positives

Microsoft sets a very high industry-recognized bar for the quality of its definition updates. The company maintains a significant database that is kept up to date with the most popular Web sites and application downloads on the Internet. All updates and engine releases are put through extensive incorrect detection and application compatibility tests prior to release to help ensure they do not mistakenly identify valid software as malicious.

Microsoft Security Essentials also uses the Microsoft SpyNet telemetry system to monitor the quality of definition updates after release to customers. Telemetry is sent to Microsoft on files being detected and removed by users in real time and used to identify abnormal patterns and assess the potential impact of an incorrect or misbehaving signature. In the rare event of an incorrect detection being discovered on a user’s machine, the Dynamic Signature Service fixes the signature in real time and helps prevent users from being impacted.

Real-Time Protection

Microsoft Security Essentials uses real-time protection to help address potential threats before they ever have an opportunity to become a problem. Users are alerted when spyware, viruses or other malicious software attempts to run or install on the computer, suspicious files and programs are prevented from opening, and suspect processes are prevented from running if they exhibit characteristics consistent with malicious software. In addition to helping provide better protection from constantly changing threats, fewer full system scans are less intrusive to the user.

System Scanning and Cleaning

Microsoft Security Essentials offers full system scanning capabilities with both scheduled and on-demand scanning options to provide an extra level of confidence. Scheduled scan is turned on by default and configured to run weekly at 2 a.m. when the system is likely idle. There are three scanning options:

  • Quick scan. On by default, a quick scan rapidly checks the areas malware is most likely to infect including programs running in memory,system files and registry.
  • Full scan. A full scan checks all files on the computer, the registry, and all currently running programs.
  • Custom scan. A custom scan allows users to scan only the areas they select.

Users can choose when they want a scheduled scan to run, view the scan results before cleaning or, if they do not want to run scheduled scans, run a scan on demand. If a PC is not “awake” when the scan is scheduled to run, Microsoft Security Essentials will start the scan at the first opportunity when the PC is awake and idle. Microsoft Security Essentials runs a quick scan as part of the setup experience to ensure the system is clean right from the start.

Minimal Effort Required to Help Keep the PC Safe

Microsoft Security Essentials reduces the effort required to help keep a user’s PC safe by simplifying and automating tasks whenever possible.When user intervention is required, clear status and recommended actions are presented both on the home page and through application alerts. Alerts are specifically designed to minimize interruption to the user. When an alert occurs, users can take immediate action directly from the alert.

Microsoft Security Essential Vs. Leading Alternatives

There are so many Competitors or Ms Security Essential like Avira Antivir , Norton, Quick Heal. The Most Close Competetor of Security Essential is Quick heal 2010 or 2011 Because the these both antivirus are latest from there source and very good and very light antivirus with huge virus data base. But Ms Security Essential has some advantages over this like has Huge Brand Name (Microsoft ) and With Huge Data base and very easy to connect to Update serviceses. Ms Security Essential is very easy to use and very very small in size but have much more impact on pc performance but protect it from any viruses. Lightweight and utilizing smart memory management and CPU throttling

techniques, Microsoft Security Essentials is also friendlier to low-bandwidth scenarios and less powerful PCs.

Detailed Review of Microsoft Security Essentials

With Microsoft Security Essentials, you get high-quality protection against viruses and spyware, including Trojans, worms and other malicious software. Security Essentials is easy to install and easy to use. Updates and upgrades are automatic, so there's no need to worry about having the latest protection. It's easy to tell if you're protected - when the Security Essentials icon is green, your status is good. It's as simple as that.  It work With Windows version xp and above xp like windows 7 and vista. It is very easy to use and protect computer from large nuber of virus because it has huge list of virus data base.

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