HJ-Split : A Lightweight and Simple File Splitter Joiner
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HJ-Split : A Lightweight and Simple File Splitter Joiner

Review of HJ-Split, the lightweight and simple file splitter and joiner

HJ-Split is a file splitter and joiner utility software. In short, it's main functions are to split one large file into several smaller files and to join those several smaller file back into the original file. Why do we need to split file? Have you ever been in a situation where you need to send a file but it's too big to be fitted in any media you have? Maybe you want to email a file or send a file to a newsgroup but the file is much larger than the maximum file size limit. That's where this handy software comes in.

HJ-Split : A file splitter joiner

HJ-Split will also be usefull when you need to make backups and put them in external storage media. For example, you made a backup image of your 1TB hard drive and wanted to put it in your two 500GB external hard drives, Or maybe you have a 10GB backup archive file (such as zip file, rar file, 7z file, etc) that you want to burn to a DVD. You have to split your hard drive image into two 500GB files to be able to move them to your external hard drives. You also have to split your 10GB archive file to some smaller files to be able to burn it to a DVD. HJ-Split is a freeware created by freebyte which you can download from www.hjsplit.org. HJ-Split is provided for many platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, Java, PHP, Amiga, etc. Just download the one you need.

HJ-Split : A file splitter joiner

HJ-Split : a file splitter joiner

Features, Usage, and Support

HJ-Split can split a file, join files, compare files, and calculate a file checksum. These functions can be used through six menus in HJ-Split : Split, Join, Compare, Checksum, About, and Exit. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of this program is very simple, those six menus are provided in the form of buttons that is ready to be clicked.

This software is also very simple to use and self explanatory. From the six buttons, just click one that you need. For example, you click split button if you want to split a file, and then a dialog box will pop up. In the dialog box, you can adjust the input file, output, and split file size. After that, just click the start button, and all you have to do is wait until the process is done.

HJ-Split : a file splitter joiner

Unfortunately, HJ-Split doesn't come with a manual, so if you want to learn more about this software, please visit the official website on www.hjsplit.org, and search for “Session Manuals” link. There you'll find the online manual for HJ-Split.


You can split or join files into various size using HJ-Split depends on your needs. The software is lightweight and very easy to be used. The GUI is very simple and self explanatory.

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