Bagatrix: The Advanced Calculator
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Bagatrix: The Advanced Calculator

Bagatrix, the calculator that can pretty much do any advanced math, or simple math if you really need it. It is a fully capable and worthy program that deserves to be used because of it's functionality, usability, and information.

Bagatrix is a calculator designed for Algebra, Algebra 2, Calculus, Geometry, Graphing, Pre-calculus, and Trigonometry. It is very in depth and is extremely helpful when you are stuck on a problem, whether it is for homework, work, or whatever you may an advanced calculator for. Though the programs may be sharply priced at $39.99, they are definatly worth your money if you are in secondary or post-secondary school. 

The program acts as a step-by-step process to help guide you through the problem and reach the answer. It isn't like any calculator I've ever seen, because no calculator goes through the steps like Bagatrix. It gives the full functionality of writing paper and allows the usage of special characters such as the exponent, function, brackets, basically anything math related, it has it. You simply enter a problem and it will systematically go through and show you each step and give a detailed report on what exactly must be done. 

Let's say that you enter y+7=7 (simple I know), and hit Answer, it doesn't just spit out an answer like a Handheld calculator, it will show the steps and explain it in words. "Since 7 does not contain the variable to solve for, move it to the right-hand side of the equation by subtracting 7 from both sides. y=-7+7" Is the first step. Followed by "Add 7 to -7 to get 0. y=0" and after that you would be done. If you still want to see what it would look like on a graph, after you are done solving the equation it gives you the option to graph it. It is simply an amazing process.

Solving the equation isn't the only feature that this nifty program provides.  You get the options of Solve the Equation, Complete the square, Solve by factoring, find the slop and y-intercept, find the x and y intercepts, well I'll end the list here because I personally do not want to bore you. I hope you get the picture though, because for this review I am explaining mainly the components of the Algebra version because most of the programs have the same interface, just different options. 

If you still aren't convinced this is a worthwhile program (I'm not sure how you would not want it though...), there are other options available. You have the option of taking a test as well: Everything from Factoring Polynomials to Matrix Operations (Remember, I am only explaining the Algebra version, there are other a multitude of tests available in other versions). Still not enough? How about a glossary with almost a definition for any term that has anything to do with math? There is also a Document option where you can type up some practice problems and then print them out, not a stellar option but still, something that is still way more advanced than any computer calculator I've seen before. There is also a help tab so if you have a question about something like how to create a certain symbol on the graph, it gives the key combos and shows what they're talking about. Like a said, there are a limitless number of options, and all of which are useful to anybody that wants to be sure that they didn't make a mistake, or just look at a problem and see how to do it. 

Overall there are very little problems with the program at all. It is a very satisfactory product and it has saved me a couple of times just because I may have forgotten how exactly to do the problem at hand. It does have its glitches, nothing major, but with a program this flexible I have no problem getting around them. I highly suggest you look this up and look into getting it if you want a tutor with a one time fee, that may even be more helpful than a real life person. The only real downside is the cost, because it is a such a great program, but such high priced. I would recommend this product to somebody if they complained about how they struggle with math or if they just need a program to do well on their studying. Really, you can't go wrong with this program and I suggest you check it out if you really want to see how capable it is.

Overall Grade: 8.8 (Score would be higher if it weren't for a few glitches, and I know not everything can be perfect.)

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