AVG Antivirus 2012 versus Trend Micro Titanium - An Overview
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AVG Antivirus 2012 versus Trend Micro Titanium - An Overview

In this report

This product comparison provides an in-depth review from two big players in the security software market. The main problem that possible buyers face is that they will have to choose between an easy to use piece of software with a lot of features and a very well scanner with limited features. My product comparison will be an in-depth review including pricing, pros, and cons, of both products. This product comparison was written to make your job of choosing between both products easier, and therefore I hope you can make a good decision on what product to buy after having read this article.

#1 - TrendMicro Titanium   http://www.trendmicrotitanium.com

Trend Micro Titanium (also called: Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security), is the most complete security suite Trend Micro has to offer. While TrendMicro Titanium isn't a big player at the security software market at all, it does have some features other security programs do not offer and these can prove very valuable to some people. For example, Trend Micro Titanium has a very user friendly interface, which is extremely useful if you share your computer with other people who aren't computer experts. Another very nice feature is the so called "Security Report" Trend Micro Titanium offers. It's a detailed graph containing al sorts of information about the amount of threats on your computer. Apart from that Trend Micro also offers data theft protection and parental controls. Again, these features are something very few security programs are offering, and this is where Trend Micro Titanium shows its superiority over other security software: the amount of nice features. But as with everything there's also a downside to TrendMicro Titanium, which is also the reason it isn't king of the hill in the antivirus market: it is widely known that Trend Micro Titanium is not as good in detecting viruses as other programs that offer the same kind of service do.

Regular price of Trend Micro Titanium: $69,65 (free trial available)

Regular price of AVG Antivirus  2012: 29,99 GBP (free trial available)

As you can see, Trend Micro Titanium is also very expensive compared to AVG Antivirus, but that's due to the fact that it has more features than AVG Antivirus which is just an antivirus program and not a suite.

#2 - AVG Antivirus   http://www.avg.com

AVG Antivirus 2012 on the other hand is a very well known piece of software and it currently holds a place at the top 10 of most downloaded security programs at Cnet. AVG is known for being a very good piece of security software and therefore computers bought in a computer shop often ship with AVG.

The only two things that makes AVG Antivirus better than Trend Micro Titanium is due to the fact that it offers much better scanning than Trend Micro Titanium does, and due to the fact that it offers a good link scanner which checks the links you visit on malicious content. Trend Micro Titanium does not offer this. Weaknesses include limited features but that is only because AVG Antivirus is not a full security suite, if you go with something like AVG Internet Security you do have a lot of features but that's not the piece of software we're looking at right now.

Regular price of Trend Micro Titanium: $69,65 (free trial available)

Regular price of AVG Antivirus  2012: 29,99 GBP (free trial available)

Even though AVG Antivirus does not offer as much as Trend Micro Titanium does, it's still incredibly cheap compared to Trend Micro Titanium because the extra features you get with the latter are definitely not worth the extra money.

The Bottom Line

Having read about both products know I think it is now past time for the bottom line of this product comparison. It's meant to pretty clear now that AVG Antivirus 2012 is the better scanner, and Trend Micro Titanium is the most complete piece of software filled with cool features. The final decision is in your hands now, are you going to buy AVG Antivirus 2012 or Trend Micro Titanium? To help you with choosing, here's which product is best for whom:

If you like the idea of running a complete piece of software and if you like a piece of software that has all kinds of useful features, Trend Micro Titanium is your new watchdog. 

But if you like to feel safe and secure, you'd better go for the best scanner, which is, ultimately, AVG Antivirus 2012, but remember, even better would be an AVG security suite, because this isn't one.

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